RichCopy the new sliced bread

I’m a big fan of RoboCopy and working with such a wide variety of installations the one issue that comes up the most is how quickly I can move and replicate your files.

Robocopywith /mir works like a charm but there was a silent release of another alternate utility, both utils rank high and both of these are developed in house by Microsoft engineers.

So here we go with RichCopy

Three reasons to try it out, keep Robocopy use different tools for different purposes.

1.If you are copying one or a few big files, set ‘File Copy’ attribute to more than ‘1’. It uses up resources but copies big files down quicker

2.If you are copying lots of files then set the ‘Thread number’ attributes to 10-10-1. This will copy multiple files quicker

3.If you are copying over a dodgy connection. You can re run the download and it will go and find the files it didn’t manage to get the first time.


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