MSSQL Database Mirroring across domains

I touched this in one of my previous posts however as part of a contribution a lot of our frequent topics are shared and distributed amongst thousands to keep the memory fresh and improve on the ideas.

Source: SQL Server Central (DBA’s Bookmark)
This article touches MSSQL authentication including the use of certificates within SQL.

Windows – Shared Access

Not so new but still worth knowing, take a look @

Once you have everything set up the way you want it, you can share the computer and rest easy. Any changes a user might make to the configuration or hard disk can be undone by simply restarting the machine.

Consider it similar to a virtual machine rollback via bare metal application services.

Outlook 2007 – Hotmail access “Forbidden”

As of September 1st, the old way of making a connection to Hotmail (via a protocol called WebDAV) has been discontinued. This means that as of now, when you are trying to connect to Hotmail via the build-in HTTP method in Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, you’ll get the following error;

Task ‘Hotmail: Folder:Inbox Synchronizing headers.’ reported error
(0x800CCC33) : ‘Access to the account was denied. Verify that your username
and password are correct.The server responded ‘Forbidden’.

Easy Fix, download from Microsoft and follow the on screen instructions –