Administrating and Migrating Exchange mail servers

Imagine that your company uses Microsoft exchange mail services to store valuable information.
Mail servers these days are treated as databases they are repositories for tons of information.

Engineers might use notes memos or messages in Exchange to store instructions, reminders, IP information and correspondence with others regarding solutions and then utilize their mail client to query this information whenever necessary.

Sales agents, executives and accountants may also store similar like data within their exchange mailboxes simply due to the fact there is such portability.  Handhelds and various other devices now provide us with anywhere access to our personal databases which reside on exchange.

Throughout my engineering experience I have worked on exchange servers which have had sensitive and vast amounts of data stored up to a decade historically.  Migrated with each successor of the exchange product this sensitive data was continued through the various revisions.   I have implemented and maintained mail servers for over 15 years.  Now it’s all a part of the great migration.

Being cutting edge and having a team of savvy System Administrator’s full time in house unless you are against early migrations for whatever reason you will hop right onto each exchange revision.

What is the total cost of ownership for managing and maintaining an Exchange system in house?
Let’s have a look here, Google has written up a nice for comparison;

Over 3 years which is the medium for a mail platform before a successor is introduced it will cost over $177,713 to maintain an in house exchange service.  Now this does not include the cost of DR (Disaster Recovery).  This also does not provide you with an SLA policy in the event of downtime.

There are 3 amazing players that I am aware of in the Managed E-Mail hosting industry, in no particular order or grade I will name them.  Microsoft, Google, Rackspace.

Compliance is another factor, if you are using your mail platform to house sensitive data is your institute compliant?

From an Engineering perspective I was proud of having my Exchange servers in house.  Whether in-house was meaning that they were collocated at a top tier datacenter or managed hosting provider such as Logicworks the bare metal layer was an added level of accomplishment and security on my investment.

At this point in no way do I find Microsoft Exchange servers as a less capable mail server.  I am ecstatic about communication platforms and I find that Exchange is the most highly used in the industry.

To think outside of the box let’s conclude that the providers whom offer these services as managed remove the single point and lower the cost, specialization is the best one has to offer.

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