Brocade and fabric-based servers

For product planners at Dell, HP, IBM, Juniper and Sun, the talk about fabric-based servers moved from philosophical discussion to urgent-must-take-action status when Cisco introduced the Unified Computing System. 

The presence of UCS from the networking giant is tangible evidence that a large piece of the future server value proposition will be intellectual property related to the network embedded in the server.

Blade server vendors pioneered embedded server networks by integrating adapter cards and switches from networking vendors. If Cisco is right, successful server vendors in the future will separate themselves from their competitors with their own sophisticated networking technology that is needed to connect virtual servers, networks and storage residing in environments ranging from a single chassis to part of a public cloud that stretches around the globe.

None of the aforementioned server and networking vendors, including HP with the acquisition of 3Com, has introduced their own FCoE intellectual property with which to compete against Cisco. I believe this is why all of these vendors still covet the Brocade portfolio that spans Ethernet and Fibre Channel, servers to fabric, and from core to edge.

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