Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services

I have been working with CSV files importing massive amounts of data between two customer relations management suites.  The two I am working with are Microsoft CRM 4.0 and Salesforce CRM.

A great idea for a project I recently completed was finding a way to export all new leads generated in SF over a seven day period and import them into CRM.

I created a CRM virtual machine inside of a vSphere cloud and this machine acted as a domain controller, database server, web server and application server.
For the specific project I did not want CRM to modify the existing production active directory, in order to bypass this I created a .LOCAL domain for the installation and created a trust for users authenticating whom would use the application.

The performance was not a worry either given the fact direct access would be limited to handful of users who were going to process a specific job on the application, not to mention the fact the actual host of the vSphere cloud is operating on Intel Nehalem processors with lavish amounts of disks available for I/O intensive operations on RAID10 volumes and enough RAM to minimize the impact of swap.

This project was completed with 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Exporting Data, from within SF generate a report to a CSV file containing the fields needed within the import process.

Step 2 – Create a VBS which will remove commas within double quotations;


Step 3 – Import CRM Data, Microsoft Data Migration Wizard, Mapping fields to new custom fields.

I hope that this is a viable solution for anyone who encounters a similar task and can also be a great reference for migrations to other applications and services as well.

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