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The MSSQL Challenge

Today I submitted a challenge for our MSSQL DBA’s in house, while I cannot disclose all of the information for confidentiality I would like to share some of it.  Take part in my challenge and I would welcome you to a free lunch in New York.

So it starts off with a little story as it relates to MSSQL services.

When closing deals we have live meetings in person or conference calls where executive decision makers and engineers will meet and discuss the game plan for managed hosting solutions.  During this point experts are challenged and exercise their ideas to the best of their ability figuring out every possible case scenario before making a decision to move forward.

The most important role of an engineer during this meeting is to have a full understanding of the proposal an understanding of the client’s needs and lastly to be as accurate as possible with the correct answers to questions.  It is in the best interest of both sides to ask the most challenging cases and most of these usually are in relation to security or disaster recovery.

The worst response is to give the wrong answer is the second worst would be to respond with “Let me research that and I’ll get back to you”.

So back to my original point, the MSSQL Challenge.
Keep in mind that when on a conference or live meeting the response times would not be so gracious as they are in an email.

Question #1:  In a Microsoft MSSQL Cluster if and when a primary node fails for reasons such as loss of power, system crash or any other unexpected failure what happens to my transactions at the point of failure? Are they written to disk? When are they replicated, how often are they replicated, is it replicated down to the second, real time? What is the guarantee?

Question #2: Can you tell me what Roll Forward and Roll Back means in regards to transactions in a cluster initiating failover?
Why would I want enterprise edition over standard if enterprise rolls forward brings online then rolls back?

Key Notes — With SQL 2000 the process of failover in a cluster took several minutes depending on how much data was in the transaction log to be rolled forward and back.

With SQL 2005 & 2008 Enterprise Edition, the startup is much faster because they roll forward any completed transactions, bring the database online and then roll back any completed transactions.

With the Standard Edition of SQL 2005 & 2008 the failover process brings the database online after the transactions have been rolled backward and forward.

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  1. Thank you for the help.
    Will this work in Windows 7?
    There is another method to install software i.e. using safe mode. Just press the F8 key when you start your windows. You can also copy the CD to your hard disc and can run the install from set up. Try to run the install from your hard drive in safe mode and see if things work.

    If you are still getting the problem to install software then you can just check the manufacturer details on the CD or can visit to the manufacturer’s site. Just get in touch with them over phone or can mail them at their e-mail address.

    If you have just downloaded software from the manufacturer’s site then you can visit the site and ask for the trouble shooting. Some good manufacturing sites have message board where you can post your complaints and you will get the answer instantly by the experts.
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