Ten Things DBAs Need to Know About Storage

As a database administrator (DBA) lucky enough to manage my company’s SQL Servers as well as the 80 terabyte storage area network, I’ve fought on both sides of the war. I know why we curse at our SAN administrators, and I know why the SAN administrators throw heavy objects at us.

We are despised for our difficult requests, including our need for the fastest drives on the planet.

SAN administrators, on the other hand, are despised for their sneaky ways: For example, they might really give you a shared set of drives also used for a file server, an e-mail server, and their MP3 collections, thinking you won’t know the difference.

But there’s a simple way to achieve a happy environment – a place where the DBA and the SAN admin skip down the halls holding hands and the users toss daisies at them from their cubicles. The key is communication. As DBAs, we have to know how to speak the SAN language. Not every DBA has to become a SAN admin the way I did, but we should learn how to tell our SAN administrators exactly what we need, what we’re getting, and how we can work together to get there. This paper will dive in to the top 10 things we should know about storage to work effectively with our SAN colleagues.

:Source: MSSQLTips.com

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