ShoreTel VOIP System, Windows DHCP

I had to rebuild a DHCP database for a ShoreTel VOIP System Today.

And I recalled there was a step I wanted to mention again for anyone who has a similar task at hand.

When configuring your DHCP system you will need to add a custom tag to the DHCP server with specific instructions for download of configuration text files.

Option 156 I had added.

1.  Open DHCP Manager on your Win2k3 server.
2.  Right-click the DHCP server and select pre-defined options.
3.  Click Add.
4.  Set Name to IP Phone Boot Server.
5.  Set Data Type to String.
6.  Set Code to 156 and add a description, if desired.
7.  Navigate to the scope options and add option 156.
8.  Each option is entered witha comma as the seperator.  


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  1. Henry says:

    Unlike other IP Telephone Systems, this one is compact and flexible. It has more features than the other options and is easier to upgrade and to customize according to your needs. It can hold over fifty extensions and so is a good choice for large companies. However, as this system is the most advanced and provides the biggest capacity, it is the most expensive one.

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