Why move from Terminal Services to VDI?

Typically, a company first uses TS or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) because it has applications it wants end users to access from anywhere.
But the missing piece in TS has always been flexibility says Cláudio Rodrigues @ http://www.wtslabs.com.

With TS, one server is shared by many people, so each user is "locked down," and end users have restricted access to local resources.
With VDI, each end user gets his or her own OS, resources and applications, and since VDI offerings support devices such as iPads and smartphones, end users have more flexibility.
VDI also eliminates most application-compatibility issues, so many companies move to VDI when they have an application that does not run on TS and cannot be virtualized using something like
[Microsoft] App-V or [VMware] Thinstall.

The Benefits of VDI
Application virtualization technology enables dynamic delivery of applications to the user’s virtual desktop, instead of installation of applications as part of the virtual desktop image. This ability helps reduce the memory footprint of the virtual desktops, and also improves application management. Depending on whether the application is executed locally or remotely, customers can deploy either Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 or Microsoft Terminal Services RemoteApp.

In order to provide an effective licensing mechanism that enables customers to license remote copies of Windows, Microsoft has created Windows Virtual Enterprise Centralized Desktop. This subscription-based license allows organizations to install unlimited copies of Windows Vista (or a downgraded operating system) within the data center.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is an alternative desktop delivery model that allows users to access desktops running in the datacenter. Unlike Terminal Services, in VDI each user gets access to a personal desktop from any authorized device, thereby improving desktop flexibility. IT departments can take advantage of all the benefits of centralization, including centralized management of desktop workloads and improved business continuity.


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