Cloud investments, techtarget review

Business is booming- in the cloud and a case study on
talks about InQuira whom runs Apple’s tech support call centers and self-service support sites known as ‘Genius Bars’.

For InQuira, an answer was found in the cloud going to Skytap, a cloud infrastructure provider focused on virtual lab-type environments.  The model is favorable and requires less capital funds up front then purchasing dozens of servers.

Paying an admin $100,000 a year on top of the hardware purchasing solution is a distraction.
Let the cloud hosting partner take care of the infrastructure while the organization can focus on the core of their business.  The initial up front for the cloud solution on the first year might be $200,000 however a 12 month ROI and then profitable margin gains as well as removing the worry of infrastructure integrity and an end to sleepless nights is priceless.

Public cloud sets the playing field, business realize the benefits of virtualization technology that they could not previously.  With the proper strategic decisions, selecting a partner and building your cloud is the start of the greatest milestone in technology emerging trends.

Contact me for a free cloud consultation strategy, I specialize in enterprise media industry applications which push ever limit of the hardware and never go down.  Infrastructures so tight that it I’m serving over 1 billion pages a month.     – Nick O’Neil


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