Social Networking – Don’t overthink

Field Research: Actions to Take On Enterprise Social Networking

Every organization is discussing Social Networking and the reason why is the consumer.
The way a customer will decide on what, where and when has changed.

We make decisions every day, but how about when we make them in our living room sitting on the couch with a mobile device.  Researching the product of interest searching on Google for reviews and speaking with others, ask a question on twitter find out if it’s really the right move.

I remember how this started, when I was in grade school I would chat amongst my friends about the latest Nintendo games.  We would find out what we thought was good and now it’s not any different we just have an audience of new friends, connected globally through the world.

I was a very socially introduced person during my early years of childhood.  Having been born and raised in New York City my entire life I was constantly presented with decisions based on social awareness.
My introduction started when my Mother sent me to private schools, at an early age of 7 years old I attended The Browning School, an elite private school on Park Avenue in the city.  Through grade school we adopted social behavior interacting with our class mates, presenting at show and tell, joining sports teams, playing instruments and other performing arts.

When I reached high school I was socially connected, I wanted people to network with me and my first taste of what the future had in store was a Motorola pager by the year 1991 this was a status symbol.  At first I wanted to feel that constant contact and I paged myself a few times, just to hear it go off it was an immediate call to action, someone wanted to speak with me and what would we talk about.
This was just the beginning.

At the age of 18 I became a club promoter at the most infamous night clubs in New York City.
I had my guest lists and these night clubs were exploding.  Everyone wanted to attend and as a promoter I was able to offer benefits to my guests.  Lines would stand outside these clubs which movie theaters used to call a blockbuster.   Everyone could hear the music outside and dressed to impress they were anxious to get inside and feel a part of the in crowd.

Going back to my Motorola beeper, it evolved, I was on Nextel, direct connect was the emerging trend. We loved to give out our Direct ID’s, Fleet 46 I remember to be specific, push the button to talk, 2 chirps, communicate the message, social victory!!

We used America Online at the time AOL had chat rooms and groups to fit the needs of individuals looking to find a common interest.  Is it that different then it is now?

Finding new guests to come visit the night clubs and introduce them to a social craze was simple, I created a flyer however it was digital, I never went on paper. 

Party Tonight!!! The Tunnel, Exit, Sound Factory, Twilo & Limelight.
These were my headlines and they included on the email card, the theme, the music, dress code, location, guest list name and a bonus incentive of getting in for free and skipping the line if you were on my list if it was before 11pm.
I could market for free send to thousands more at the press of a couple key strokes, this was a win formula, promoting night clubs and still able to commit to my daytime responsibilities of a student and a part time technology engineer. . It was a win, win… for me I was able to make $10 on every guest who attended one of these clubs.

The social networks evolved, we had moved from AOL to Friendster, Myspace and now most recent Facebook and Twitter.  What has really changed?

Spending is a bit more conservative not by actual budget but on what we buy the consumer wants to feel they are a part of the decision on what the manufacturer produces, listen to the voice of what the consumer is asking for and chat with their peers on if they think it is the right move.

When I read these whitepapers on what the enterprise social networking is about it gets me all wrong.
This is not the way to approach it, overthinking social networking, turning it into propaganda, which would be a disaster.

There will be a 2 part and I am interested in hearing the feedback as socially we are introduced send me an email with your comments or opinions.

The strikeout on the header text was intended to be as controversial as it looks to a headline which an original author wrote on a corporate whitepaper on strategizing social networking for the enterprise, overthinking the statements.


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