Redundant Cheap – Cloud Hosting

Happy Belated Birthday to Major Hayden.

I found this writeup as an outstanding resource on his blog site,, an expert in the industry this is a great example with further details to welcome newcomers to cloud hosting from a technical point of view.

In addition utility links to the tools and resources are also a priceless contribution.

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How do I host my web applications in the cloud in a way that is redundant but also inexpensive?

Redundant cloud hosting configuration

  • Load balancing layer: Two needs are fulfilled at this layer – the distribution of load as well as redirection of traffic away from problematic web nodes.

  • Database/caching layer: Without this layer, the configuration would grind to a halt. The applications running on the web services layer depend on this layer for rapid storage and retrieval of information.

Stable Linux distribution

  • Six virtual machines – anything less than six will get a bit tricky and it reduces your redundancy

  • Public and private network interfaces on each virtual machine – not required, but it’s highly recommended

  • One extra IP address – this will be your virtual IP address for load balancing (you will need more if you’re hosting multiple sites with SSL, unless you want to use SNI)



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