VMware 4.1 Features and Benefits

VMware claims that memory use for VM instances is more efficient in 4.1 compared to 4.0. Memory can also be compressed so that VMs don’t go to disk for virtual memory as often, which saves access speed.

VMware’s vCenter also tracks more storage statistics.

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VMware 4.1 contains a sorely needed feature, the ability to use vMotion to move more than one VM at a time from server host to server host. VSphere 4.1 allows several VMs to move concurrently, but with a small catch.

The catch is that the source and target machines still need to be similar to each other in terms of processor type

With a 10GB switch, enterprise customers can expect to be able to move eight machines at once across a VMware cluster.

These improvements address the issue of how to quickly get production virtual machines off a failing hardware platform. When hardware sends alarms that problems are occurring, maintaining production requires moving the dense number of operating systems instances to another platform rapidly, and eight VMs at a time seems to be a good number.

VSphere 4.1’s core management application, vCenter, now runs only on 64-bit hosts. Upgrades to existing 32-bit platforms, like our Windows 2003 Server R2 host, aren’t allowed, so some administrators will have to upgrade to 64-bit versions of their vCenter host.

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