Data Center Containers showing signs of growth


We first heard word of these Data Center containers in 2005 where it was said that a parking lot would be filled with containers resembling that of a shipping crate and inside would be a complete technology powerhouse.  One of the first cases to date which we heard about was from Google and they didn’t want to keep it a secret from us, they said it was much to fun to talk about.

Today Microsoft picks Virginia for their next major data center and to our surprise what has shown up is a Microsoft IT-PAC container.  Microsoft has selected Virginia for this new data center project and has plans to invest up to $499 million in the rural community on the southern part of the state.  The goal of this facility is to become the East Coast hub of all Microsoft online services.

During the point of bidding for the location Microsoft was also looking at neighboring North Carolina to win this huge project.  Virginia officials are welcoming Microsoft on this pitched battle which will create 50 new jobs.

Microsoft is adding capacity, mobility and advancing their technology in preparations for its battle with Google and other leading players in Cloud Computing.

This next-generation design gives Microsoft the ability to scale beyond the bricks of a Data Center facility in favor of the container structures, leaving the facility open to the air was guided by a research project which the company housed for eight months.

Microsoft and Google are not the only companies building container data centers.

Other Commercial Containers:

  • Rackable ICE Cube
  • HP POD
  • Verari Forest Container
  • IBM Portal Modular Data Center
  • Sun MD S20

    Read full story here.



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