Commodore USA to relaunch Amiga brand with series of AROS desktops

My first taste of computing was in grade school, right around the age of 5 in the first grade.  As a student of The Browning School in New York City I joined the computer club where we played video games after class and learned basic computer functions.  The Commodore 16 and Commodore 64 were my first rigs and in super geek fashion I even remember the first command I learned.
Load “*” ,8 ,1 <return>
I recall this would boot what was on my 5 ½ floppy disk drive.

Today I read an article which excites me about retro fitting the Commodore and Amiga computers.
The last time I heard an announcement of retro where I felt this joy was when Nike brought back original Air Force Ones and Jordan sneakers.

On Tuesday 9/1/10 Commodore announced that they would soon be launching the Amiga brand as all-in-one PCs.  What that means to me is that I will have yet another reason to continue only not building my own machines, which is something I did each and every time in high school.  

This announcement has me once again decided to go with the manufacturer preassembled line of hardware and although this is not the most cost effective when dealing with workstations and the case of commodity ‘more bang for the buck’ it is known that if your buying Apple it’s a requirement and with that said I couldn’t argue that I don’t mind paying the extra costs if I am interested in the design and quality of service… I still use Alienware from 2007 prior to Dell acquisition although I’ve upgraded a few components inside.

CTO of Commodore, Leo Nigro says that these new Amiga computers will be fully AROS-compatible and will support the AROS (AMIGA OS) open source community in every way possible.  The first product launch will be the Commodore PC64, using Intel’s Atom processor, 4GB of DDR3, 1TB SATA HD, Optical Drive (CD/DVD-RW & BlueRayOptional) and HDMI Output.  All packed in the original replica case. No words on the AROS systems or prices but the PC64 should be out just in time for the holidays.

Source: Engadget.


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