Clouds are reshaping the traditional IT roles

Clouds use virtualized pools of computing to centralize resources and create a highly efficient agile and redundant environment.  The advancement in this offering is that it produces a way to lessen the complexity, inflexibility and capital expense of infrastructure and more importantly better control. 
Cloud Computing is transforming the evolving IT competencies adding a wider set of skills across the spectrum with the focus on virtualization, enterprise storage and security.

Troubleshooting the cloud technology in a mission critical application might require that you call upon multiple members of an IT department.  Here you will need your Storage, Networking and Virtualization Engineers and in addition possibly an application or operating system administrator.  

This creates a lot of dependencies and having to depend on all of these resources counters the cost saving benefits of the technology unless IT is able to present a broad array of skill competencies.
The outcome is that bleeding edge best-of-breed engineers will need to build stronger competency across all of these technologies as it will be more beneficial and enable us into the cloud with a higher value.

Read more at CIO here


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