Upgrading OS Boot Partition (C: Drive) from X (500GB) to Y (1TB).

It is a true success story when a machine has reached a level of operation where its only increase in hardware is the local drive capacity.  When mentioned, upgrading an Operating System drive usually refers to the re-installation of the operating system itself however there are these mission critical servers which keep running and for whatever their reasons it’s not applicable for extra disks to be added.

Server has been running for a couple of years now and it has 2 disks in a RAID1 mirror and the C: drive is reaching near capacity, the plan is to upgrade and utilizing engineering expertise let us upgrade with 0% of server downtime and least amount of modifications, mission critical roles here.

Upgrade path is straight forward and simple.
1) Remove one drive from the mirror set
2) Insert the replacement upgrade drive
3) Rebuild the mirror set
4) Remove the other drive from the mirror set
5) Insert the second replacement upgrade drive
6) Rebuild the mirror set
7) Extend the volume into new space

Recently on ServerFault I was asked this question and never had document reference to share to others, a process which I am performing on a regular now made me think, what else hadn’t I documented to share with others… time for more blogging!

To make this short, I stumbled across an outstanding reference guide play by play which would for sure put me into the driver’s seat and explain it with the pictures and detail to answer exactly what was trying to be accomplished.

Credits go out to Russ, and his technical write-up over at Do It Yourself Home Workshop.
Link here.


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