Cloud and thin clients, the past is future

Cloud – repurpose your old machine with Jolicloud 1.1, download.

Recycle any computer with a useable lightweight web operating system.
For those that are waiting to try out Google chrome OS, this is the product available.

While there are no real benefits in replacing your Win7 or MacOS this is a great operating system available to show the direction we are moving. Away from the heavy operating systems loaded with features that may or may not be needed.

Imagine logging onto your computer by authenticating through Facebook Connect, or Google Gmail (chrome) and then every document you save being stored in the cloud. Turn off your computer, turn on another computer, and restart right where you left off.

I have about a dozen machines and all too often I’m digging up legacy files stuffed in a folder or on a hard disk that I never remembered to relocate. The closest I got was enabling desktop redirection and my documents redirection on a domain controller, but even that had its level of fault… I had to be within that network.

So Jolicloud 1.1 has HTML5, is this push in the direction away from what Apple is trying to bring us? The interface itself looks very iPad/Android’ish. Well super simple and highly effective almost like what the ‘Start’ menu button was to us for over a decade. For anyone wanting Google chrome OS, see if you can get your hands on a CR-48 laptop apply to the Pilot-Program or check on Ebay.

Such features of cloud computing are ever changing, it has been 2 years and the expanding of cloud movement from what started with vmware and other virtual platforms to a broader scale of devices now reaching the end user more than ever. Logicworks recently launched an infiniCloud service that appeals to the public cloud with hybrid growth capabiility it has allowed the provisioning high performing westmere based vms into an easy to afford solution and with no contracts or commitment requirements. With this its now possible for new projects to come up, spin the wheels and then pause or re-provision for new application projects all at the click of a button.


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