Netcraft releases February 2011 Web Server Survey

Are more people using Apache?
With 9.6M new hostnames  there is a 1% point increase in the market share this year from a survey of 284,842,077 site responses.

Reports from Netcraft sourced here are shown indicating that a significant contribution to Apache increases were seen the most at AmeriNOC (4.6M) and Softlayer (1.3M) and while Microsoft and Google both lost hostnames and market share these months there are thoughts on this sudden increase in Apache gains are generating traction from the CMS suites, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla w/ Apache.

Developer January 2011 Percent February 2011 Percent Change
Apache 58,623,115 57.57% 59,595,889 57.35% -0.21
Microsoft 17,070,240 16.76% 16,359,585 15.74% -1.02
Google 12,115,707 11.90% 11,946,570 11.50% -0.40
nginx 8,376,958 8.23% 8,688,338 8.36% 0.14
lighttpd 527,225 0.52% 598,339 0.58% 0.06

We find that the decissions when it comes to hosting are primarily up to the developers and their support for the applications.  While there is no greater of the 2 the open source presence is showing its gains and adaption to CMS suites.   The media industry has been speaking out through the CMS platforms and what better place to start than an infiniCloud, with no contracts, no setup fee you can select your community template, whether it be Windows or Linux and start servicing your projects today.  Sign up here @ infiniCloud.


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