Gmail and cloud computing data integrity

Chances are everyone has a Gmail account today, whether they use it or not the popularity
of Gmail has gone from invitation only 10 years ago to free open registration and use today. Popularity basis of Gmail is ranked next to that of, and email addresses by my own research study.  In addition, Gmail users also count for every Android device as one of these accounts is required to activate on the mobile.

How much value is put into mail availability?  In addition that includes not only messages but contacts, tasks, conversations and all of the other social media channels available through the major players.  Some users never delete anything their Mailbox is something along the lines of a database and it has archives of every conversation.

The reality how would one take the total loss of all contents from their Gmail account, such a terrifying thought just happened over the weekend and although the impact was 500,000 users in actuality based on an report this is only about 0.29% of all Google Gmail users.  That is very impressive number of users although considering it is a free service.  Lucky for me I was not affected by this catastrophic loss of data however I couldn’t stress the importance of backups.  Setup a carbon copy forwarder for all of your messages, I personally dupe mine between @Hotmail and @Gmail this way I have redundancy and a free widely used web service available from anywhere on the internet.

The idea here is that your email is in the cloud and your information is highly available, fast and accessible from anywhere but that’s only as long as you have a backup copy of it. Gmail is a free service and while their engineers are working on recovery for all of its users, cloud computing service are only as resilient as what the end-user has signed up to become and the price to pay for complete data availability.

Loss of data is no fun and it can be a disaster if the backups are not in place considering the medium that is effected such data loss can turn a company or end user upside down. These fallouts are not new to us although generally speaking we aren’t worried about it unless it happens to us.

Just last month in early January of this year, lost all email for 17,355 customers and while it took about 3 days to get customers mailboxes back not all of them were able to be recovered says the report on InfoWorld here.

Does this change your thoughts when it comes to cloud computing and will you start backing up your information today?


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One Response to Gmail and cloud computing data integrity

  1. Anysa says:

    Hmm, Great reminders! I’m right on my way to setting up (or googling how ;-p) a carbon copy forwarder for all of my messages here forward, but how do you back up all the old messages??
    PS glad to see your still rocking 🙂

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