Open Source, Developers and the Database

I will discuss the database layer and at some point in the topic what open source tools are currently in use on some of the biggest media sites today.  I myself have been a systems engineer and Microsoft Certified SQL DBA for some time however the emerging changes have shown that traditional relational database systems are losing their traction in the media market.

Media pushes the technology, trend setting as if it were a fashion.

Content is king and it produces the wealth of your business, with that said success of content driven site increasing traffic.  Once traffic starts to rise and continues to spike the success has a liability of its content always being available. P. Diddy said it… “More Money, More Problems”
The battle begins, tackling performance, questions about security and reliability, how will things scale and most important always being online up and running.

Your infrastructure is as important as the content you’re driving, providing the foundation of what will be resilient and sustainable today and tomorrow helps peace of mind so that you can focus on your business.

Now getting into things, open source has taken the lead in the media industry and every web developer knows open source, commonly referred to as the LAMP stack for this discussion and with many reiterations since the initial launch what was then LAMP may now be called PLAM or perhaps you have heard CMS, or NOSQL in the mix.

Heart and soul of your content, the first of which come to mind are referred to as RDBMS. Relational Database Management Systems, most commonly used MSSQL, MySQL & Oracle.
They are noted as the mainframe dinosaurs of the business they get the job done, they are committed, highly supported and most commonly used having earned their ‘Street Cred’ as being trusted.  That trust is best noted through financial transactions with the key point in mind “No Transactions Lost”. A strong argument can be made from this YouTube link.

Have you heard of 10gen? Take a look at Wikipedia listing of Open Source Database Management Systems.

MongoDB – Currently leading the “NoSQL” database revolution, scalability and high performance.  Don’t believe it? Take a look at some of their clients here. Foursquare, SourceForge, The New York Times, Gilt Groupe & Thrillist just to name a few, the list grows every day.

Apache Casandra – Similar to MongoDB it’s scalable, High Performance and Proven.  Facebook, Twitter, Reddit just to name a few of CassandraDB’s customers.
What are your thoughts on NoSQL have you recently made a shift in the migration?
Since the 70s relational databases is that still the right thing for you?


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